Mother & Me Style

Keeping up with colors
Body shapes may be different between moms and daughters so to reconcile those differences, choosing a perfect color can make your mother-daughter style, a #twinning moment. Choose colors that will complement both of you so you will always have a picture perfect look all the time.
(Top: Myrtus Coords, Bottom: Loudi Sleeveless Dress)
Dressy and Casual
Nowadays, moms and daughters may find themselves in opposite ends of the fashion spectrum, where one would opt for ladylike elegance while the other favoring a more casual kind of vibe. Focusing on particular looks to achieve a solid twinning look can be achieved with the use of patterns. Similar patterns can create a cohesive look, albeit a different execution.
(Top: Linz Short Sleeve Top, Bottom: Linz Short Sleeve Dress)
Contrast Chic
If twinning is your #Goals, then opting for a similar look in contrast tones are your best bet for an IG-worthy moment. Stark contrasts can have a different effect on each wearer. Exude your unique personalities through accessories such as handbags and jewelry to create a distinction while still capturing that family resemblance.
(Top: Maxis Short Sleeve Dress in black, Bottom: Maxis Short Sleeve Dress in white)
Say it in silhouettes
Some mother-daughter tandems like to keep their sartorial choices distinct from each other. If this is your kind of twinning, you can call it ‘fraternal’. Exude your personal tastes while keeping a solid color story between your looks for a perfect summer combo.
(Top: Nazi Tube top in mauve and Myth Shorts, Bottom: Lasso Long Sleeve Top in gray and Maze skirt)
Pattern Players
Patterns are fun details to play with when twinning with your best style buddy. Stripes and colors are bold summer statements to play with.
(Top: Legal Pantsuit, Bottom: Myrtus Coords)