Holiday 2020 | Cozy chic in the new norm

Having been inside the home for a considerable amount of time, comfort and functionality have become crucial in making work-life balance more attainable. They say it cannot be done, but here we are, months into this quarantine, and we have come to see women who are bringing the ease of home and austerity of work together.

The Lounge Life: She likes to dress easy but look fancy. Her favorite spot is the veranda or anywhere with enough ambient lighting. Dressing easy in a stylish sack dress allows one to feel free and relaxed, but fancy enough for a lunch meeting.

Cashing-in Casuals: In the new normal, dressing up has changed in meaning. The working girl need not the bling of fancy flourishes. She finds freedom in comfy, casual looks but with an elevated appeal. She finds versatility in keeping it fancy with accessories or pairing a classic tee with a more elegant pair of trousers.

Borrowed from the Boys: The classic shirt and trouser combo will never go out of style for the working gal. That does not mean she has to find a man to get the look. Modern iterations of the classic shirt come in more stylish volumes and elegant details to bring together a sense of femininity and functionality.

Bold classics: Easy silhouettes are the perfect go-to when working at home. But to compensate for the ease, you can go for statement tones to bring that burst of energy to your style. When you are feeling those gray days, a pop of color always perks up the spirit to get things done.